Little Depot Comes In Clutch During Our Holiday Toy Drive



We here at Grizzy’s Hood News couldn’t be more excited about what happened at our annual toy drive today! A HUGE box truck pulled up, and guess what? It wasn’t filled with moving boxes – it was packed to the brim with giant boxes of toys, clothes, and other goodies for kids!

And who do we have to thank for this Texas-sized haul of Christmas magic? None other than The Little Depot in Pasadena! These folks are true holiday heroes. When it comes to making kids’ wishes come true, they don’t mess around.

We’re talking about enough toys that made this year’s drive one of the best yet! The Little Depot didn’t have to go this big, but that’s the kind of Hood Hero they are!

This isn’t just about toys and clothes Hood News Peeps; it’s about hope. The Little Depot is putting smiles back on faces and reminding families that even during tough times, the spirit of Christmas is alive and well. They’re turning hard times into joyous ones, and it’s contagious.

Their bold act of generosity spurred thousands of other followers to come out of their way to help out in the community.

So, a giant THANK YOU to The Little Depot! You’ve filled our toy drive with enough magic to turn even the Grinch into a believer, and for that, we’re eternally grateful. Thanks to your kindness, countless families will have a brighter, merrier Christmas.

We’re so grateful for all the amazing people who help our community be a kinder and more caring place to live.

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