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BOLO H-Town: Smash & Grab Suspect


Hood News Peeps, we need you all to stay vigilant following an incident involving a homeless individual known as “Patches.” The suspect is alleged to have broken into a woman’s vehicle near 1960 and Red Oak, where the woman had left her purse unattended containing a stack of credit cards, cash, and a prescription. Adding to the severity of the crime, “Patches” reportedly attempted to intercept replacement credit cards by visiting the victim’s home, demonstrating a high level of commitment to criminal activities.

This incident, serves as a stark reminder of the common mistakes people make that can inadvertently make them easy targets for such crimes. We don’t victim shame here but we do advise you to follow some basic precautionary measures:

  1. Travel Lightly: Carry only a few necessary cards and minimal cash. While cards can be locked to minimize losses, lost cash is irretrievable.
  2. Secure Valuables: Avoid leaving any valuables visible in your car, even for brief periods. If carrying valuables in a car is necessary, they should be kept in the trunk.
  3. Protect Personal Information: Refrain from carrying documents that contain extensive personal information to prevent further exploitation.

These guidelines are essential for maintaining safety and preventing similar incidents. We urge you to be cautious and protect yourselves against potential theft and exploitation.

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