H-town is showing love to the linemen restoring power to the city!

Shoutout to the wonderful residents of Woodland Oaks neighborhood in Magnolia TX who decided give back to linemen working in their area by doing their laundry! Our Hood News Peep Kristy reached out wanting to shoutout both the linemen and the volunteers! #TexasStrong     

Protests in HISD!

HISD and First Ward community, The people you saw out Monday morning are using their power of the pack and collectivity to assemble, letting HISD know they are not okay with the termination of Dr. Vale (Dr. Clark), their proximal who was recently fired.

The Mystery of the Greek God Statue Bandit

The identity of the Greek God Statue Bandit from Livingston TX remains unknown. However, we have obtained a photo of his date, Ms. Pink Skirt, which may provide valuable clues.

Madison High Students Protest for Change

Our Demands
That student voices are actually listened to. Not just heard. Whether that is through student representatives like the Student Council, or through assemblies with the student body. You teach us democracy but refuse to practice it. That is not acceptable.

Trash bins gone missing!

Caution, Southeast Houston residents! Individuals riding ATVs are actively engaged in stealing garbage bins. ¡Precaución! En el sureste de Houston, hay personas en ATVs robando botes de basura.