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Madd House Ruins Thanksgiving For Customers



We all know things are tight this holiday season and groceries aren’t getting any cheaper. But imagine this– you have spent good money to have a fried turkey, or a full Thanksgiving dinner catered for your family. Taking the burden off of everyone is a nice holiday treat right?

That’s what Susan Bramblett THOUGHT she was doing when she placed an order with Madd House Catering–along with dozens of others who ordered as well.

Well, it turns out that was not the case. Madd House Catering, a Houston area catering company, has been accused of allegedly scamming dozens of families out of money after failing to deliver paid Thanksgiving orders. Many customers reported pre-paying for meals through Venmo or Cash App, only to receive no food on Thanksgiving Day.

According to several reports, customers spent between $200 and $300 on Thanksgiving meals from Madd House Catering. However, on Thanksgiving Day, the company’s phones were overloaded and customers were unable to reach them. They later received Facebook posts from Madd House claiming they had “run out of food,” their “oven caught fire,” and they didn’t have money for refunds.

Customers like Susan who contacted the company were met with silence or told that they wouldn’t be receiving refunds. Many families were left scrambling to find last-minute alternatives for their Thanksgiving meals.

This is not the first time Madd House Catering has been accused of scamming customers. The company allegedly has a history of negative reviews on social media, with many customers complaining about poor communication and the quality of food.

The Deer Park Police Department is currently investigating Madd House Catering for alleged theft and fraud.

This incident has unfortunately tarnished the Thanksgiving holiday for many families in Houston. It is a reminder to be cautious when ordering food online, especially from unknown companies. Customers should always research a company before placing an order and be wary of businesses that require upfront payment.


We do not deem a party that is accused of scamming, innocent or guilty. We simply state what is known and what allegedly has occurred. No implication of guilt or innocence should be inferred by our report.

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