Grave Mix-Up: Houston Family’s Agony as Loved One’s Burial Delayed


In the West Montgomery Area of Houston, TX, a Hood News Peep’s loved one faced a heart-wrenching ordeal yesterday. After a poignant funeral service for Willie Jean Gamble, the Gamble family proceeded to the burial site at the cemetery, only to discover that someone else had been buried in her designated gravesite. This shocking revelation left the Gamble family with no place to lay her to rest, putting their farewell to Ms. Gamble on hold.

The family was informed that a representative from Paradise Funeral Home and Cemeteries would contact them on Monday to address the situation. However, one family member expressed their frustration, stating, “We are very understanding. Someone could have spoken to us at the cemetery or funeral home that day. Instead, they told my aunt they would call her on Monday. We had to leave our loved one there in the funeral home waiting to be buried. We don’t know how long it’ll be. We don’t know if she was put back into the freezer or not.”

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