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Savoring Success: The Inspiring Story of Taqueria Arandas

In the heart of Houston, a story of perseverance, a dream, and culinary excellence is woven together, centered around Taqueria Arandas. This story begins with Jose Camarena, the eldest of seven, taking on the heavy burden of responsibility of being a provider at the tender age of six. Selling chiclets on the bustling but potentially dangerous streets of Mexico City, Jose’s early life was a testament to resilience and determination, setting the stage for what would become a legacy in the Houston food scene.The narrative took a turn when Jose, then 21, met Silvia, a dedicated nurse with a heart for service. Silvia’s influence on Jose was transformative; she instilled in him the values of family and love. Their union in 1977 marked the beginning of a partnership that would lay the foundation for their future.

By 1978, the couple’s journey led them to Chicago, navigating the challenges of a new country with courage and hope. The following year, they decided that Houston would be their new home, setting the stage for their dream to materialize. In 1981, with every possession pawned for their venture, Jose and Silvia opened the first Taqueria Arandas. The anecdote of Jose’s first transaction—asking a customer to pay in advance to buy ingredients—paints a perfect picture of the humble beginnings from which their success sprang.Under Jose’s guidance, the Camarena family expanded, opening a second taqueria and supporting the entrepreneurial ventures of relatives. The 1990s saw their dream flourish, creating not only a successful business but a legacy of hard work and family unity. (1992 was the bakery opening. Ostioneria opened in 1999)

The Camarenas’ journey to American citizenship in 2006 was a poignant milestone, celebrated with tears and gratitude. This moment underscored their incredible journey from hardship to triumph.
Today, Taqueria Arandas stands as more than a restaurant; it’s a symbol of the American Dream realized, a testament to the power of perseverance, family, and community. The Camarena family’s story continues to inspire, as they remain committed to serving others, honoring the legacy of Jose and Silvia with every dish served embodying the spirit of “Houston Strong.”

The original location of Taqueria Arandas, which opened on Irvington Drive in Houston in the early 1980s has expanded to over two dozen locations— find yours now!

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