Lil Moe’s Potatoes – Humble’s Culinary Gem Offers a Texas-Sized Delight

In the Houston suburb of Humble, there’s a culinary gem on wheels known as Lil Moe’s Potatoes. This food truck has garnered fame for its colossal stuffed baked potatoes, a feast that can satisfy even the most Texas-sized appetites.

These aren’t just any stuffed potatoes; we’re talking about lavish fillings like succulent lobster, juicy steak, flavorful chicken wings, cajun shrimp, BBQ, and a variety of more exotic options. One of their hottest items lately is the Hot Cheetos Boudin Balls, a spicy, flavorful twist that has been a hit with customers!

 Originally started in a building, Lil Moe’s made a strategic shift to a food truck, a move that proved to be a game-changer. The flexibility and mobility of a food truck allowed them to reach a broader audience, and when COVID-19 hit, this adaptability became their strength. With many restaurants closed or limited in service, Lil Moe’s offered a delicious, safe, and convenient dining option.

Lil Moe’s has become a staple at various events around Houston, their presence is always a sign of good food and good times. They’re not just limited to public events; you can have them cater your event too! Imagine the thrill of having Lil Moe’s cater your wedding, quince, church picnic— you name it, they can serve it.

Their main pop-up location is at 9707 North Sam Houston Parkway East in Humble, TX, a spot where many pack the lot for a taste of these legendary taters. However, if they have it their way, in the next few years they plan on expanding to several food trucks rotating around the Houston area, so be on the lookout!

Also, for all you deal seekers out there, on Tuesdays & Wednesdays you can grab a small BBQ & seafood potato for only $10!!! So come on out! It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience that embodies the spirit of Houston’s vibrant food scene and as they say at Lil Moe’s, “EAT GREEDY!”

Lil Moe’s is open Tuesday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm and on Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm.

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