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The Roof Genius LLC

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The Roof Genius is a well-established roofing and construction services company based out of La Porte, led by John Jenkins, a proud 1997 graduate of La Porte High School. After completing his high school education locally, John earned an Associate’s degree in Business from Western International University. John has been in roofing since 2004 and offers comprehensive roofing solutions, including repairs, replacements, and adept management of insurance claims, alongside full-scale construction services. Beyond his professional expertise, John is a community servant, evangelist, and a family man, devoted to his five children and two grandchildren. His commitment extends into the community through active participation in local initiatives, making a significant positive impact. John’s deep local roots and dedication to both his family and community make The Roof Genius a trusted and integral part of the greater Houston area. The Roof Genius services all of Texas.