Robbery gone wrong: Hood News Peep was quick!

Posted by Grizzy’s Hood News on Friday, January 5, 2024


A Hood News Peep was selling a diamond Cuban link chain worth 4K. He met with a “buyer” at the Deerbrook Mall parking lot. The “buyer” had no intentions to actually make a purchase and this transaction turned into a robbery. Another person got out of the vehicle, armed with a gun, and they took the chain and started to shoot at the Hood News Peep. The Peep, who has a license to carry, fired back to protect himself. The robber that had the chain dropped the chain as he hurried back into the black Honda loser cruiser. They were not ready for the surprise the Hood News Peep had for them. They fled the scene. It’s unknown if any of the bandits were injured. The Peep was detained but once Humble PD finished their investigation and verified story, he was free to go and his pew pew was returned. The passenger side of his vehicle was struck several times but luckily his loved one, who always accompanies him did not go this time. The Hood News Peep was quick, strapped and not going to stand there and be a victim. Good for him!

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