Security Alert: Unsettling Experience After Bank Withdrawal Raises Questions About Privacy and Awareness


Stay Safe and be Vigilant!

A Hood News Peep sent in this message:
I went to Chase Bank off of 290 and Spring Cypress and made a $3000 withdrawal. Left the bank and unbeknownst to me was followed to a restaurant on Barker Cypress and Cypress North Houston where I was meeting my sister for lunch. I thought I was very careful at the bank. Whispered my transaction to the teller and tried to stuff the envelope deep in my pocket before walking out of the bank. I was nervous at the bank but once in my car I just thought I was being paranoid so I shook it off. When I got to the restaurant I didn’t want to bring the cash in and didn’t want to risk bringing awareness to the fact that I had it so I left it in the car. After the incident was over I watched the video from my car and that car was following me (several car lengths back) from 290 and when I turned onto Barker Cypress. From what I can tell the vehicle was NOT in the Chase Bank parking lot. At least when I pulled in because my camera got a full view of the parking lot. This leads me to believe that someone in the bank watched me and alerted this guy who must have been nearby and they followed me. Either that or I didn’t hide the envelope well enough and someone nearby who was watching me saw the envelope and just took a chance that it was a lot of money. They also probably did not know I left the money in my car and were willing to chance it they unless they had binoculars or something and zoomed in on my pocket to see if they could see the envelope.

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