Step Up Houston: Chase Lackey Must Be Found



Today we were out at a tribute for Chase Lackey, a young man who’s been missing since 2017. Chase was last seen on July 2, 2017, outside his apartment in Houston, Texas, walking his dog close to Wallisville Road and the Beltway. He was wearing red shorts and no shirt.

Chase has several tattoos (pictured in the video). He has a scripture on his right arm, words across his chest, and an anchor on his left wrist.

Covering missing persons cases is an emotional tightrope walk for us as journalists. We can’t help but grapple with the pain of families torn apart, the uncertainty of unanswered questions, and the heavy burden of knowing that their words may offer solace, but perhaps never resolution.

Yet, we report these stories anyway, not for sensationalism, but for a higher calling. Because if we don’t, who will? Who will amplify the whispers of the vanished, etch their faces into public consciousness, and keep the flicker of hope alive? WE WILL.

The power lies not just in the journalist’s voice, but in the collective strength of the community. A single shred of information shared, a social media post retweeted, a neighbor’s memory jogged – these seemingly small acts can become the threads that unravel the mystery, the fragments that form a missing piece of the puzzle.

The families of the missing carry an unimaginable weight, a daily dance between grief and unwavering hope. Their fight for answers deserves our unwavering support, our refusal to let their loved ones become lost to time and indifference.

We can never give up on finding our missing. Sharing their stories, honoring their memories, and actively engaging in the search – these are the weapons we wield against the darkness of disappearance. In unity, we become a chorus of support, a beacon of hope, a testament to the enduring power of love and the fight for closure.

Remember, even the smallest action can make a difference. Share the story, offer a tip, keep the conversation alive. Together, we can turn the heartache of the missing into a force that brings them home.

These are the news stories that make it hard to report the news sometimes. But we know we must, because if we don’t, who will? The community, when unified can be very powerful and with just a little tidbit of information the power of numbers can turn into results and helpful information. We can never give up on finding our missing loved ones.

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