Hero Of The Month

H-town is showing love to the linemen restoring power to the city!

Shoutout to the wonderful residents of Woodland Oaks neighborhood in Magnolia TX who decided give back to linemen working in their area by doing their laundry! Our Hood News Peep Kristy reached out wanting to shoutout both the linemen and the volunteers! #TexasStrong     

Justice for Jocelyn Nungaray!

This is 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray. This beautiful 12-year-old girl was so filled with life and had a future ahead of her. She was loved by her family and all the many who knew her. She met with foul play on Monday night and her family needs your help! Jocelyn was found no longer with life […]

Unlivable Conditions at Independence Hall!

Independence Hall Senior living facility found in deplorable conditions, Mayor John Whitmire and staff are taking action to rectify the problem and help those affected.

Madison High Students Protest for Change

Our Demands
That student voices are actually listened to. Not just heard. Whether that is through student representatives like the Student Council, or through assemblies with the student body. You teach us democracy but refuse to practice it. That is not acceptable.