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Great Job Constable Gable and his Detectives!
Taylor and Tasha Roy are charged with Felony Invasive Visual Recording!
Have you been been to Woodlands Mall, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and local parks within Montgomery County, Texas (not specified which ones)?
Please read:
On Thursday, April 18, 2024, Constable Ryan Gable’s Criminal Investigation Division executed a residential search warrant located in Shenandoah, TX.
The search warrant stemmed from a Pct. 3 ICAC/Human Trafficking Detective receiving a Cyber Tip into the offense of Invasive Visual Recording.
The initial investigation derived from the defendant being associated with several videos depicting juvenile females in public areas such as The Woodlands Mall, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and local parks within Montgomery County, Texas. More specifically the videos would focus on the young girls’ genital areas (clothed) with other videos were found depicting juvenile females undressing inside the Forever 21 dressing room in The Woodlands Mall. While reviewing the videos, Taylor Roy, was identified as the person making the recordings due to his face being observed in the videos by Detectives. Mr. Roy was also observed wearing a security guard uniform while recording the videos.
Detectives were able to confirm that Roy was working in the capacity of a security guard at The Woodlands Mall while making the recordings of the young females. During the residential search warrant, several videos in question were located inside the home.
Taylor Roy’s wife, Tasha Roy, was interviewed on scene and stated to Detectives that she contributed to the recording and creation of the videos in question as well.
Detectives also learned that Taylor Roy is a Tennis coach for children between the ages of 8 and 17 years-old located in The Woodlands and Spring areas. Both Taylor Roy and Tasha Roy have been charged with the felony offense of Invasive Visual Recording. Additional charges are pending. Taylor Roy and Tasha Roy were transported to Montgomery County Jail and they are both being held on a $30,000 bond.
If you believe you or your child may have been victim to their recordings, please contact our office at 281-364-4211 and ask to speak with a Detective.
Constable Gable and his Detectives continue to seek out those who choose to prey on our children and hold them accountable for their actions.

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