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Community Unity: Local Caterer Helps Out The Hood



Halloween in one community takes a wholesome twist thanks to a passionate caterer and his unique Rock n’ Ramen tradition. Every year, Daniel Molina, owner of Ghetto Kitchen swaps sugary treats for delicious and nutritious packs of ramen, offering neighborhood kids a tasty alternative to traditional Halloween candy.

Driven by a mission to empower people with grocery savvy and healthy eating habits, this caterer, much like a modern-day Robin Hood, aims to conquer financial constraints and dietary woes simultaneously. His business serves up both delicious creations and practical cooking skills, ensuring residents can nourish themselves and their families without breaking the bank.

This year, the Rock n’ Ramen party is bigger than ever. With a whopping total of over 1,000 ramen packs at his disposal, the caterer, with a generous boost from our loya Hood News Peeps, is set to fill trick-or-treat bags with wholesome goodness. This act of kindness goes beyond a simple noodle swap; it showcases the power of community spirit and highlights the impact one person can have with a unique and caring gesture.

So, this Halloween, as kids roam the streets in their costumes, let’s celebrate the heroes who don’t wear capes but wield spatulas and ramen packs. Seek out this local hero’s Ghetto Kitchen, savor his culinary skills, and learn a thing or two about rocking your kitchen and your budget. Remember, small acts of kindness like swapping candy for ramen can nourish not just bodies, but also the spirit of a community.

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