Community Unity: Restoring Greenspoint


Greenspoint, a Houston neighborhood often associated with a less-than-flattering nickname, is ready for a makeover. A grassroots movement led by Get Wrapped Church in Spring is taking root, aiming to shed the label of “Gunspoint” and declare it “Godspoint” – a place of hope, transformation, and community upliftment.

This movement isn’t just about changing a name; it’s about changing perception and fostering a new reality. This Saturday, October 29th, from 12 PM to 3 PM at the Greenspoint Mall parking lot, the “Godspoint” vision takes center stage with a community event filled with giveaways, assistance with bill payments, and a whole lot of heart.

Free food, clothes, bikes, and toys will be distributed, offering tangible support and bringing smiles to faces. But beyond the material gifts, the event aims to build bridges, strengthen connections, and inspire hope. It’s an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate unity, and envision a brighter future for their neighborhood.

The “Godspoint” movement recognizes the potential that lies within Greenspoint, beyond the stereotypes and assumptions. It’s a call to action for residents, businesses, and organizations to collaborate, empower one another, and create a space where transformation can take root.

This is an event that I am sure most of our Hood Peeps can get behind. We need to be known for our culture, our unity, our metropolitan qualities, not our crime statistics. By participating in this Saturday’s event, you contribute to this positive change. Offer a helping hand, share a meal, spread the word, and contribute to weaving a new narrative for Greenspoint. Let’s turn “Gunspoint” into “Godspoint,” one act of kindness, one smile, one shared vision at a time.

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