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H-Town Highlights: Flying Saucer Pie Company


Thanksgiving in Houston isn’t complete without a slice of pie from Flying Saucer Pie Company. And that fact becomes abundantly clear every year on the day before the feast when a seemingly endless line snakes around the bakery’s unassuming storefront.

A recent Hood News Peep captured the pandemonium in a viral video, showcasing the sheer length of the queue and the unwavering dedication of those vying for a taste of Thanksgiving heaven.

But what makes Flying Saucer Pies worth braving hours in a neverending line? The answer lies in a combination of tradition, nostalgia, and some seriously delicious baking.

  • Family Recipe Gold: Founded in 1967, Flying Saucer boasts a family recipe passed down through generations. Each pie is handcrafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients, ensuring a taste that evokes memories of Thanksgiving dinners past and ignites excitement for the meal to come.
  • No-Frills, All-Flavor: Unlike its trendy pie counterparts, Flying Saucer sticks to the classics. Think apple, pecan, cherry, and pumpkin—baked to perfection with flaky, buttery crusts that crumble with every bite. It’s simple, it’s timeless, and it’s simply irresistible.
  • The Community Buzz: The line-up itself becomes an annual H-Town event. It’s a chance to mingle with fellow pie enthusiasts, swap stories, and share anticipation for the big day. The shared experience adds a layer of camaraderie and community spirit to the pie pilgrimage.

Of course, there’s something undeniably thrilling about scoring a coveted Flying Saucer Pie after hours of patiently waiting. It’s a badge of honor, a testament to unwavering holiday spirit, and a guarantee that Thanksgiving dessert will be legendary.

So, if you ever find yourself in Houston on Thanksgiving Eve, and you see a line that stretches for blocks, don’t be surprised. It’s just H-Town doing what it does best: celebrating tradition, one flaky, delicious pie at a time. You can take your place in line at Flying Saucer Pie Company.

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