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Justice for Jocelyn Nungaray!

This is 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray. This beautiful 12-year-old girl was so filled with life and had a future ahead of her. She was loved by her family and all the many who knew her. She met with foul play on Monday night and her family needs your help!
Jocelyn was found no longer with life at the 400 block of W Rankin Road near Ella. Homicide investigators are needing help to find out what happened to Jocelyn and who did this to her. Last night I went to visit the area where she was found deceased in a creek and I met her grandmother and some family members. They are so devastated and have no words to describe the immense grief. They are thankful for your prayers and they are urging the public to please provide any tips to catch whoever’s responsible for taking Jocelyn’s life. Please keep her mother, family and friends in your prayers. Our prayers and condolences go out to Jocelyn and her family.
I’m including some links below.
Just to avoid any confusion about any possible fraudulent accounts here is the real GoFundMe for Jocelyn’s funeral so her family can lay her rest:https://gofund.me/a4636bd6
Here are pictures of the persons of interest that HPD detectives are looking for:

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