Law & Order HOU: Off-Duty Officer’s Hellcat Stolen



In the early hours of New Year’s Eve, just after 1 AM, an off-duty officer in Spring, Texas, faced the unfortunate theft of his Dodge Hellcat. The incident unfolded when the suspects took off with the high-performance sports car, eventually abandoning it near the Spring Oaks apartments, located close to Louetta Rd. In response to this theft, air support was swiftly called to aid Precinct 4 Constable deputies, who were the first to arrive at the scene.

The Dodge Hellcat, renowned for its exceptional power, boasting up to 807 horsepower, has become an increasingly popular target for car thieves. This trend is partly due to the fact that Hellcats have been discontinued due to their inability to meet incoming emissions standards. Their discontinuation has only heightened their allure among thieves, making them hot commodities in the illegal market for stolen vehicles.

The recent spike in Hellcat thefts poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies. As these cars are prized for their high performance, they often become prime targets for quick thefts and are hard to catch. The Spring, TX incident underscores the growing issue surrounding high-performance vehicle thefts, marking yet another case in this auto theft trend in Houston.


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