Stop The Violence H-Town: Stabbing & Shooting At Montrose Airbnb



In Houston, a Sunday night party at an Airbnb property on Greeley Street, near Richmond Avenue and Montrose Boulevard, took a violent turn when a man was stabbed in the shoulder. The incident occurred around 1 a.m., following a football game viewing party hosted by a group who rented the house. During the event, partygoers invited an individual, believed to be a neighbor, to join them.

According to witnesses, there was a verbal exchange between the neighbor and the party attendees, but it initially did not escalate. However, the situation quickly deteriorated when the neighbor allegedly left and then returned with a large knife, proceeding to stab one of the partygoers in the shoulder. In response, the victim retrieved a gun from his vehicle and opened fire on the assailant as he fled the scene.

The injured man was subsequently taken to a local hospital, but his condition remains unknown. The police reported that the suspect managed to escape and is currently at large, although he is not believed to pose a threat to the public at large.

In the wake of this incident, Airbnb has suspended listings at the involved property and is conducting an investigation. The company has also reached out to local neighbors to offer support during this time.

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