Law & Order HOU: Armed Robbery Suspect Caught


It was a wild scene at the Breckenridge Apartments in Greenspoint that had most of the residents outside watching it unfold, including yours truly and the Hood News crew.

So here’s what we know…police caught up with an armed robbery suspect who is allegedly responsible for several armed robberies in the area.

Well, as they say, “What goes around…comes around” and that was the case in this situation today.

HPD caught the suspect and a struggle ensued where the suspect was shot but not anything critical. He was transported by paramedics for treatment. None of the officers involved were injured and the situation was resolved fairly quick.

We are sure that many of the residents in the Greenspoint area are relieved that this person was caught, especially those who were a victim to his crimes. Unless you’ve been robbed at gunpoint, or been a victim of an assault, you can’t fully understand the trauma that it leaves you to deal with.

So, props to those who provided info that led to his arrest and much respect to HPD officers who put their lives on the line to protect and serve.

Listen peeps, we are all in this together we have to look out for each other. There’s no reason that we can’t all unite as a community and make sure we’re all good in the hood…BE KIND TO EACH OTHER AND LIFE WILL BE KIND TO YOU


“From the wards to the suburbs, criminal offenses within our own community are considered especially heinous. In H-Town, the dedicated community members that investigate and report these hood crimes are members of an elite squad known as Grizzy’s Hood News. These are their stories. Individuals shown or discussed here are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”


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