Law & Order HOU: Jailed For Protecting Her Daughter!



Our hearts are heavy and angry with this story here Hood News Peeps. We talked to Veronica, a single mother who is struggling to protect her 6-year-old daughter. Let me catch you up to speed because this story needs to go viral and get this woman some help!

So, Veronica has had numerous open CPS cases against the biological father of her daughter for alleged acts of sexual abuse on their child—A SIX-YEAR-OLD!!!

You’d think CPS would’ve stepped up and protected this innocent child but what they actually did will blow your mind.

There was a situation where a court order was issued to give custody to the accused abuser! Instead of turning her daughter over, she chose to hide her for protection. Eventually, the police were called out and Veronica was arrested because she had violated the court order. She alleges that he continually abused her from age 4 until she removed her daughter from the home and hid her from him for that reason.

So according to the law, Veronica was in the wrong for hiding the child— OK technically fine, it is “against the law.” HOWEVER—then CPS proceeds to give custody to the father, THE FATHER THAT HAS OPEN CPS CASES FOR ALLEGED SEXUAL ABUSE! When the law favors the criminals instead of the innocent—we stand with the children!

Listen, guys, it’s not like CPS can claim that they didn’t have this information or that it came from another agency because the reports and the cases are right here in this building where CPS is located. IT’S THEIR DANG AGENCY!

Yes, your tax dollars are hard at work putting kids at risk. THIS STUFF NEEDS TO STOP!

They did not even do any due diligence before handing custody over to the alleged abuser—yet they investigated this woman thoroughly because she tried to protect her daughter.

How in the heck are we supposed to protect our children when the agencies that we pay taxes for to protect them put them in the dangerous environments women like Veronica are trying to keep them from.

So here’s what we want you to do Hood News Peeps— JOIN THE FIGHT!!!

Veronica is peacefully protesting this decision and is going on a hunger strike until they remove her daughter from what she perceives as a dangerous environment and at least have a thorough investigation completed. You can join her, you can put pressure on CPS, call them every day, and ask them why they put a child in the custody of an accused abuser. Make this story go VIRAL.




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