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MUST WATCH: A Hood News Peep, victim of a road rage attack

A Hood News Peep, victim of a road rage attack sent in this follow message and video: Hello Grizzy and Peeps, I really need your help!!!!! I was assaulted today in Jersey village by road rage and I need help identifying the coward who did this to me. I was on my way to work and some guy got pissed off i was driving speed limit and cuts me off then hits my car (first car I ever bought with my own hard money) and comes to my car and forces the door open and punches me several times while I tried to get him off me. He then drove off. I had to go to ER because the guy busted my chin opened; I needed 5 stitches and had a busted lip. I called 911 and filed a police report. I need justice for what he’s done to me. If you can please share the footage and see if anyone can help me identify the car or the person. I would greatly appreciate this. Please and thank you. Road Rage Attack

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