Rapper Caught Stealing on Camera!


Remember the story about the rapper and the stolen jewelry? A few weeks ago, we posted that one of our Hood News Peeps went to the gas station and left his friend of 10 years, Rapper Freddy Loc, in his home while he went to get beer. While the Peep was gone, he was alerted by his camera system that someone was moving around the home. From the security app on his phone, he saw his friend Freddy moving around the living room and bedroom. Freddy was caught on camera leaving the home with the Peep’s jewelry in his hand. Money, chains, and rings were missing. We posted the video. Freddy denied it, but the footage showed the theft. It took a few days, but Freddy did the right thing and returned the money and the chains; however, a ring was missing. He denied having the ring, so the loss was chalked up to the game. Well, today someone sent our Hood News Peeps a post made by Freddy. THAT’S THE HOOD NEWS PEEP’S RING IN THAT PIC!



For those that still think he didn’t do it, here is a visual reminder.

Look what rapper Freddy Loc did!

Look what rapper Freddy Loc did!

Posted by Grizzy’s Hood News on Monday, April 15, 2024

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