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The Dollar Bond Dash! Gold Chain Grab N Dash Bandit!

Fernando Villalobos Jr., aka Rell Sue, come on down!

Last night, we shared a video of a bandit pulling the Dollar Bond Yard Dash at a jewelry stand inside Food Town in Pasadena. A gold chain was taken without payment, and it’s not the only time. The individual in the video is also wanted for a string of grab-and-dash thefts at pawnshops as well!

If you missed the video:

Pasadena 50 Yard Chain Grab N Dash

The Dollar Bond Dash! Pasadena TX
50 Yard – Gold Chain Grab N Dash

Posted by Grizzy’s Hood News on Monday, July 1, 2024

Also, Rell is a rapper.

Our Bandit’s music video is now at 4K Views! The comments are 🔥. Still no word on the chain!

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