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Family of Savanah Soto Holds Vigil Rooted In Faith

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Approximately 100 people, including family and friends of Savanah Soto, gathered for a vigil at Kenwood Park on the North Side to honor her memory and that of her unborn child, Fabian. The emotional gathering saw the release of balloons and doves by Soto’s grandmother, Rachel Soto, and her father, in a poignant tribute to both Savanah and her baby. The family also set up a memorial with painted rocks and a tree, poignantly located next to the tree planted last year for Savanah’s slain brother.

Liz Perez, Soto’s past stepmom, expressed her heartbreak over the tragedy. Savanah, who was eagerly anticipating motherhood, had already prepared her home for the baby. Her mother, Gloria Cordova, and a family member named Wasil spoke of Savanah’s excitement and readiness for motherhood, emphasizing that it had become her life’s focus since her pregnancy.

Tragically, both Savanah and Matthew Guerra, the father of her unborn child, were found dead from gunshot wounds, as confirmed by the SAPD and the Bexar County Medical Examiner. This incident follows the killing of Savanah’s younger brother, Ethan, in a separate shooting incident last year. The authorities have yet to determine whether a weapon was found at the scene of Savanah and Matthew’s deaths. The case remains under investigation, with the police seeking further information on the persons of interest.

This goes to underscore that the “hood” is not bound by zip codes or city limits, it’s worldwide, and we’re all one big village. We’ve got to support each other, look out for each other, and love one another because love never fails, only we do.

Thank you, Soto family, and all involved for such a powerful message of faith, hope, and love even in a time of great sorrow and tragedy.

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