Law & Order HOU: Suspect Who Beat Man With Alzheimer’s Identified

OK, we have BREAKING NEWS in the incident a Hood News Peep shared the other day involving their father who has Alzheimer’s. First, for those who missed it, here’s a quick recap:

In a disturbing incident, an elderly man with Alzheimer’s was assaulted and ruthlessly robbed over a case of mistaken identity. This Hood News Peep’s parents had gone to a grocery store, and during the visit, their father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, became disoriented. Mistaking another car for their own, he tried to open its door. This led to a violent response from a man in red, who was at a nearby pawnshop with two others.

The man in red, without any provocation or inquiry, began to beat the elderly man, causing serious injuries. The assailant then robbed the victim of his phone and wallet before fleeing the scene. It was clear from the victim’s appearance and age that he posed no threat and was simply confused.

Emergency services were called to the scene, and the victim received medical attention for a fractured cheekbone and required stitches in various areas, including his ear, eyelid, and forehead.

This incident is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of individuals with cognitive impairments like Alzheimer’s and the need for community understanding and support. The family was seeking assistance in identifying the man in red responsible for this unprovoked attack and urged anyone with information to contact the HPD Robbery Division. This appeal for public help resulted in community vigilance and cooperation in capturing the suspect in this disgusting act. We will update this post as more information about the suspect becomes available.


“From the wards to the suburbs, criminal offenses within our own community are considered especially heinous. In H-Town, the dedicated community members who investigate and report these hood crimes are members of an elite squad known as Grizzy’s Hood News. These are their stories. Individuals shown or discussed here are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

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